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About Maine Cedar

Maine Cedar Specialty Products is a manufacturer of premium quality log homes, our proprietary Rustic Cedar Half Log Building System and a variety of specialty building products from the finest Northern White Cedar. Being a primary processor, we process our wood in its entirety — starting with the round tree on through to the finished product.

Why is this significant? As a primary processor, we work with the raw material from start to finish. Because there is no middleman, we are able to control the entire process. The end result is a higher quality product at a lower price. The entire tree is utilized with the only bi-products being sawdust and wood chips, which are both sold as bark mulch and agricultural bedding. This allows our company to have attained the ultimate goal of product utilization. As an environmentally conscious company, we take stewardship of our natural resources very seriously.

Since we are a family owned business, we have the capability and flexibility to adapt to our customer's demands. This also enables us to be very competitively priced in a challenging economy.

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