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Design Services

Maine Cedar Specialty Products offers complete design services allowing our customers to completely customize their new log home.  Not only is the building design customized, but our customers may also specify the materials to be included in their building package.

Designs begin with the customer’s needs and ideas and are varied as the individual.  Customers choose their favorite elements and have Maine Cedar’s designer tailor them into the home design.  If you already have a plan for a house that you like that is fine with us. We are happy to work with any design that you may bring to us.  Most of our homes are of a custom design to some degree. At Maine Cedar each home is priced individually, we do not have a "no change" series of homes, each home is done on an individual basis.

At Maine Cedar Specialty Products we require a $750.00 deposit for preliminary drawings, a 10% package deposit to order your log home package and the balance is due at time of delivery. If you purchase a log home from us, your drawing deposit does get credited towards your log package purchase price.

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