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Cedar Log Home Building Timeline

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Log Home Vision

Determine what type of home you want.  Look at your present and future needs, lifestyle factors and requirements.  Will it be your primary home, second home or rental property?  How many bedrooms and bathrooms will you need? How Many floor levels do you need?  Does your land have a view or is it water frontage?  All of these factors will help determine the size and style of home that you will start looking for.


Gather information on building log homes and floor plans that may interest you. Maine Cedar offers many log homes styles with various energy efficiency options.  Gain any information you can about your land or the land you’re planning to purchase. Prepare a budget and review your financing options.

Initial Consultation

This can be over the phone or in person.  One of Maine Cedars experienced staff will help answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to make the right choices that are best for you.  If possible plan a visit to Maine Cedar and meet our sale staff, tour our office and manufacturing facility and learn about our quality log homes.

Initial Price Quote

After your initial consultation, an initial price quote will be made based on the information that you provide and the initial concept or selected floor plan design.

Budget Review

Maine Cedar will help you find the right log home plan and price to meet your budget requirements.  For initial planning purposes, we can help you to determine approximate budget amounts for the completion of your home if you do not already have this.  The final budget will be completed by you or your general contractor and will need to be submitted to your financial institution if financing if required.  Prior to selecting a final floor plan design, you will need to know what your budget is.

Design Consultation

Let our experienced staff help you design your new log home. We are a custom Cedar log home manufacturer; customers are not confined to pre-set plans. Maine Cedar has a series of standard models to choose from, you can also use as a basis for forming ideas for your custom designed cedar log home. Pick a style that you are most interested in and discuss with our design sales staff. Make a prioritized wish list for your home. Choose window locations and style, door locations and style, and review your choices. We will compile notes and design wishes and then incorporate into your customized conceptual floor plan.

Contractor Consultation

Contractor or do it yourself, with Maine Cedar you have several options to construct your Maine Cedar log home. You can act as your own general contractor or hire a general contractor.  You can do as much or little as you wish. We have a list of preferred builders/contractors we can refer you to, who will assist you in determining your construction costs. They will erect just the weather tight shell or provide you with a “turn-key” package price. We have an on-staff contractor available to assist you if you choose to act as your own contractor or hire a contractor of your choice.

Preliminary Plans

A $750 deposit will be required to begin the preliminary plan process.  This will be credited towards your log kit price once purchased.  This includes conceptual floor plans and two elevation views; this is a very important part of the design process. We allow two rounds of changes to be made to the preliminary plans; the client will mark up the changes to the preliminary plans in red ink, sign and date. Our design sales team will make the changes. If additional rounds of changes are required there will be a fee, the fee is based on the square footage of the log home.  Once you are satisfied with the overall floor plan we will provide you with a final price quote.

Sales Contract & Deposit

When the signed contract and 10% deposit are received and accepted for your new log home, the home will be added to the production schedule.

Construction Drawings

Our design team will draw a set of construction drawings once you have signed off on your preliminary plans, signed a contract and deposit received. Once the construction drawings have been completed you’ll have an opportunity to approve and sign off. After the construction drawings are finalized, we will fine tune you’re pricing if necessary. These drawings are used for the manufacture of your Maine Cedar log home and for the builder/contractors use. Any changes necessary due to site conditions or a final design modification (for example daylight basement) will be incorporated into your construction drawings. You’ll also be asked to choose your window and roof colors.

Production Begins

A 20% Production/Window deposit will be collected at the time your windows are ordered.  Your Maine Cedar log home kit will be milled at our facility and all other construction materials included in the package you have selected will be ordered.  When the window order is placed; windows usually take three weeks to arrive at Maine Cedar.

Scheduling Deliveries

Maine Cedar will be in contact with you or the contractor you have chosen to arrange the delivery schedule. Our Maine Cedar log home kit goes up quick, and then you’re ready for the electrical and plumbing to be installed. Now you can finish the interior of your new Maine Cedar log home.

Final Payment/Delivery of Log Package

Your log kit package will be delivered to your building site.  At this point, the final payment will be made.  Now you are ready to start assembly of your new Maine Cedar log home!


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