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FAQs on Cedar Log Homes

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Who can or will build our new log home?

Here at Maine Cedar we have assembled a network of builders that can work with you throughout the entire process of building your new log home. If you wish, any person with good carpentry skills will be able to construct one of our log home packages.

Why should I choose cedar for my logs and not pine? I have been told that cedar logs are much more expensive than pine, is that true?

Mother nature has supplied cedar with natural oils that help it to be more resistant to rot and insects than most any other species of wood. Also cedar has the highest r-value of the most commonly used woods for log home construction. Because of our location in northern Maine we are able to supply northern white cedar from local, self sustained forests, for about the same price you can purchase a quality pine log home package.

What if we already have a plan or design that we like?

If you already have a plan for a house that you like that is fine with us.  We are happy to work with any design that you may bring to us.

Will a custom design cost more?

Just about all of our homes are of a custom design to some degree. At Maine Cedar each home is priced individually, we do not have a "no change" series of homes, each home is done on an individual basis.

What is the process at Maine Cedar for us to purchase a log home package?

At Maine Cedar Specialty Products we require a $750.00 deposit for preliminary drawings, a 10% package deposit to order your log home package and the balance is due at time of delivery of your log package. If you purchase a log home from us, your drawing deposit does get credited to your log package purchase price.

How much will it cost to build our whole house?

There are several components other than your log package that will need to be included in your budget to have an accurate idea of completed cost. You will need to include costs for foundation, masonry, plumbing, heating, electrical, kitchen/bath cabinets and tops, flooring, interior and exterior stain or sealer and labor cost for construction. To get an ballpark cost you can multiply the package estimate by 2 1/2 to 3 times to get the completed cost for your new log home.

Do you supply metal roofs?

We do not supply metal roofs with our packages. In this case we will simply credit your account for the roof shingles and related components and you can purchase the metal from your local supplier or tradesman.

Can we buy just the logs?
We have split our packages into two different types, a basic cedar package and a complete package.

What if I want to add an addition to my log home in the future, is that possible?

Yes, in most cases you can add on to your log home just as easily as you can a conventionally built home. Adding an extra room, entry or attached garage is quite common.

Is it hard for the electrician to get his wires in the logs?

In most cases the builders will pre-drill holes in the logs for the electrician to run their wires as they stack the logs. If our optional insulation package is used, the wiring can be incorporated into the insulation making it a simple installation.


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