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What's Included With Your Home Package

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Basic Cedar Home Package

Log Wall System:

  • Milled or hand peeled exterior finish Northern White Cedar tongue and groove log stock – semi-pre-cut for walls and gables where required
  • Milled or hand peeled exterior finish T&G cedar log siding where required for rim skirt, gables and dormers
  • False log corners at rim skirt and dormers
  • Caulking for all log joints – 32 oz. tubes
  • Adhesive backed foam seal strip
  • ¾” Cedar joining splines
  • 8” hex head log screws
  • Pre-cut window and door frame bucks
    (Cedar door/window frames built into log wall system)

Interior frame materials:

  • Beams for loft floor framing
  • 5/4 T&G Pine loft sub floor (decking)

Trim materials:

  • 5/4 Cedar exterior window and door trim

Porch and deck materials:

  • Porch lintel logs – 2 rows
  • Cedar porch posts
  • 5/4 eased edge Cedar decking
  • Rustic Cedar rail system

Complete Package
(Includes the Basic Cedar Package and the following materials)

Sub-floor system:

  • Sill seal foam insulation
  • Pressure treated sill plate
  • Girder – built up 2x10
  • Joist hangers, joist ties and bridging as required
  • 23/32” high performance T&G sub flooring

Interior walls:

  • 2x4 or 2x6 studs 16”o.c.
  • Sill plate and double cap plate (2x4 or 2x6 as required)
  • 1” T&G KD pine paneling for both sides


  • Basement – 2x12 treads and stringers
  • Loft – ½ log treads, S3S log stringers
  • Round rustic cedar handrails and balusters

Roof system:

  • Framing – varies based on building design (2x12 rafters, beam rafters, log purlins or fabricated trusses)
  • Finish ceiling (T&G Pine)
  • Strapping – 2x4  24” o.c. (with beam rafters or purlins only)
  • Roof sheathing – 19/32 OSB
  • 15# felt paper
  • Painted metal drip edge
  • Ridge vent
  • 30 year Architectural shingles
  • 1” pine fascia, eave trim and soffit

Interior trim:

  • Window and exterior door – 1x4 S4S Pine
  • Baseboard – 1x4 S4S Pine


  • 2x8 pressure treated floor joists 16” o.c.
  • 2x8 double joist header
  • Joist hangers


  • Deck (same as above)
  • 2x6 rafters and ceiling joists 24” o.c.
  • 1x5 t&g cedar ceilings
  • Roof sheathing – 19/32” OSB
  • Finish roofing – same as main house

Windows & Patio Doors:

  • Anderson 400 Series with screens & hardware (stone color)

Exterior Doors:

  • Fiberglass insulated passage doors with low E glazing
  • Exterior door entrance set

Camp Packages

Camp packages have the following materials specifications changes:

  • Log walls are No. 2 & better grade logs
  • 2 x 6 roof framing and purlins
  • Roof framing is 2x6 rafters
  • Roof shingles are 30 year Architectural
  • Ceiling framing is 2x8 joists
  • Loft floor is 19/32” OSB
  • Ceiling sheathing, partition paneling and partition framing not included
  • Windows are Anderson 200 series tilt wash

Detailed list with manufacturer’s links/specifications

Our log homes feature many standard items that are not available with most other log home packages today such as 5/4x4 cedar exterior door and window trim, 5/4x5 eased edge cedar decking on all porches and decks, 1x5 v-match cedar porch ceilings and 1x4 Pine interior door and window trim.

Maine Cedar pledge:  provide the highest quality
Northern White Cedar log home kit at the best possible price.

Reasons for choosing a package vs. buying only the log kit:

    Convenience – You are going to need everything in the package to complete your log home.  Since your time is valuable, why not let us do the work for you saving you time and money. 

    Cost – Because we purchase from the suppliers in large quantities, we ensure that we get the best price available.

    Compatibility and quality – Since log homes are our business, we make sure that everything included in your package is designed for your log home, while ensuring quality and accuracy.


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